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I'm excited about sharing my thoughts and knowledge, and getting feedback from the community!

Please feel free to reach out if you'd like to discuss a presentation, panel or another speaking opportunity.

ILP Summit 2022

Moderated panel "Broadening Financial Inclusion… What does that mean?" at the Interledger Summit in New Orleans.

This panel discussed considerations, barriers and progress around expanding Financial Inclusion, bringing together perspectives from various backgrounds: building community, supporting underserved groups, advocacy and product development.


Women in Tech Panel

Moderated Software Secured's first Women in Tech Panel: "Breaking Barriers When Entering the Tech Industry"

This panel was focused on the unique challenges that women and other underrepresented groups tend to face when trying to enter the tech industry, as well as strategies to overcome those barriers.


Software Secured Webinar

Co-presented "Secure Architecture Principles for Full-Stack Apps" with Emad Messiha, on behalf of Software Secured.

This presentation was designed as a faux-whiteboarding exercise -- just a casual conversation between two developers, aspiring to build a secure application. :)


Presented "Successes and Challenges in Bringing Performance to Java with Inline Types" at MoreVMs'21: Workshop on Modern Language Runtimes, Ecosystems, and VMs, part of the ‹Programming› 2021 Conference.


Presented "Successes and Challenges in Bringing Performance to Java with Inline Types" at CASCON x EVOKE 2020, in the 4th Workshop on Advances in Open Runtimes and Cloud Performance Technologies.

Creative Commons Global Summit 2020

Panelist for "Can Web Monetization Support Digital Creators?" at Creative Commons Global Summit 2020.

IBM Cloud Developer Conference 2020

Co-Presenter for "Transforming an Idea into an Experience with Agile and Design Thinking" and "Build and Deploy a Full Stack Cloud App in 25 Minutes" at the IBM Cloud Developer Conference 2020.